Flight of the Mayobird

These words are extremely difficult for me to write. September 2023 marks the end of my time with the Mayobird, my little engine that could. We survived Covid, albeit with some major changes, and we are in, what I believe, is the best place (wholesale) for someone to grow the brand. For a variety of reasons, that person isn’t me right now. I have spent over ten years working and growing and creating, what I hope you would agree, is a quality local product that was enjoyed by so many people. It’s been hard, really hard. I’ve been holding on, but it’s time for me to let go and trust God. Tears have been shed and that’s okay. Means it meant something. Thank YOU! Thank you for the support through the good times and the transitions. If anyone is in a position to love and grow my little engine, I would love to talk.

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